Tuesday, 28 March 2017

By Next Monday

I will be taller 
I will be smarter
I will find something else I like
I will be older
I will try something new
I will experienced new things
My hair will be longer
My hair will be dirtier
I will be healthier
I will be fitter
My room will be messier

Monday, 27 March 2017

My Mihi

Tena koutou
Ko Aoraki te maunga 
Ko Ōtākaro te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura 
Ko Ngāti Aotearoa te iwi 
Ko Joshua taku papa
Ko Andrea taku mama
Nō Ōtautahi ahau
Ko Grace taku ingou 
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Here's one I wrote about Orange

I am Autumn, crabs, goldfish, pumpkins. I am fudge, soft, sweet and salty. I’m a autumn leaf floating slowly down onto the crispy, cold ground. Once I hung on a tree, but now someone's biting into my soft, juicy surface, licking their lips trying to get every last bit I can offer. It is a crab’s colour, it is a silky butterfly's wing. It sounds like a ginger cat purring and tastes like a crunchie bar. Orange pumpkins creep their way into my thoughts, carrying a mist of dark orange dust as dark as a pond in the middle of the night.

Acrostic Poem

Recorder Player

Knows how to read music sheets
Margarette is my friend
Harry is my little brother
Nadine is my friend

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My New Bike

I walked into the shop and I felt like my head was going to explode, then 10 mins later I spotted the perfect bike. It was white and had a beautiful black seat. My dad and I walked up to the counter with me wheeling the bike. Then the person at the counter took the Bike off me, I started to feel worried. He took it over to the far end of the shop and lifted it up onto some sort of pole and he clipped it on. He examined it carefully and started to fiddle with it. Then the bike somehow lassoed an imaginary rope and pulled my brother and I towards it and my brother and I ended up staring at him like mindless zombies. 

Then the man gave me my New Bike, so I took it outside to show my sister. Then I spotted a driveway that leads to a car park beside the shop.

First my mum showed me how to use the hand breaks and then I rode my New Bike up and down the driveway. As I rode the breeze patted my cheek under the open sky. Then suddenly the moment ends and we had to go home. My dad attached my Bike onto some sort of pole sticking out the back of the car then he clipped it on. After that we went home and the whole way back I was looked out the back of the car making sure my New Bike wouldn't fall off.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bean Conclusion


Based on our results, we can conclude that our hypothesis, which was the bean in soil would grow better, was incorrect. Oliver T  and I had missed out a little bit of information the one that was in tissue could hold the moisture, water,  and the one in soil couldn't. I predict that Bean 1 didn't get enough water so it didn't grow and  Bean 2 in soil because could hold the water. Also Oliver T always watered Bean 2 more water by accident. Evidence shows it doesn't matter if you use soil or tissue because the both help to hold the minerals and nutrients close to the plant roots.


Popcorn Writing

When I entered the classroom there were 2 green bowls and 1 small and yellow and a black popcorn maker with a see through top! 

First they poured a lot of light brown corn into the popcorn maker and switched it on. I 
could see the popcorn bouncing up and down in the popcorn maker!
The popcorn burst out like a popcorn volcano into bowls, but some of it missed. They looked like wee clouds,with small bits of brown corn in them.

Then I took a deep breath in, it smelt sweet like sugar. I bit into the popcorn I was given, it tasted plain  and salty! Not at all what would anybody would expect.

By Grace